Warnemunde...Tuesday the 17th, from 7 am to 9:30 pm. (Time change, we gain an hour.)

The Rostock Port web site showed us that the Constellation would dock in berth 7 at the brand new cruise terminal in Warnemunde, less than 2 kilometers from the seaport village there. Betty and I and 2 other couples rented a minivan and drove to Schwerin Castle, about 100 kilometers southwest of Warnemunde. From there we took the back roads to the historical old town of Lubeck. This was our first visit to northern Germany and we found it just as green and lovely (and orderly) as the southern part of the country. Unfortunately we got back too late to go into the old port district of Warnemunde itself.

....Warnemunde from our dock....Schwerin Castle under renovation.

....The garden at Schwerin Castle....Old Town Lubeck.