We got to Calais, exchanged the car at the Hertz office and were on our way about 10 in the morning. It was 460 kilometers or about 288 miles from there to Trier. It took us 6 and a half hours with a stop for lunch.

Trier is an old Roman city, in fact it is the oldest city in Germany. The Porta Nigra (black gate) was built by the Romans about A.D. 180 when Trier was a walled city, and the stone pilings of the Roman Bridge date back to A.D. 140. We had a great view of the bridge from our room at the Romerbrucke Hotel which is located on the bank of the Mosel river. Strangely enough, Trier is also the birth place of Karl Marx. There is a lot to do and see in Trier. We enjoyed our two day visit very much.

....The Romerbrucke Hotel.....The Roman Bridge from our room..

...The Mosel River from the bridge.... Me with a beer in the town square.

....The Porta Nigra.....Karl Marx birthplace.