Tivoli at night...Wednesday the 18th.

Whatever else you do in Copenhagen be sure you take the opportunity to visit Tivoli, if possible go there after dark when all the lights are on. It is a charming, delightful place like nothing Iíve ever seen. A cozy, fun little amusement park in a beautiful garden setting with a small lake and lots of trees and flowers. There must be 30 or 40 restaurants tucked in here and there with every kind of food imaginable and of course there are lots of fun rides. Tivoli is over 140 years old and just as popular as it was the day it opened. We loved it!

The Constellation provided a shuttle until the park closed at 11pm. You can also get there by train, the stations are marked, and there are taxis available 24 hours a day.

....Rides among the gardens.

....Restaurants among the gardens.

....Gardens among the gardens

....Restaurants everywhere....Tigers in the trees