Stockholm...Wednesday the 11th, from10 am to 5 pm.

There are 4 ports in Stockholm. We were fortunate enough to dock at Stadsgarden. It is only about 2 killometers from Old Town, the island in the center of the map. The Royal Palace and City Hall are well within walking distance. Also the “Hip Pocket” cafe at the spectacular Operakallaren restaurant, a great place for lunch. The Ice Bar opens at 3:30 pm and you need a reservation to get in. It's probably a 20 minute taxi ride to the ship form there. You can catch a ferry from the Skeppsbron pier to Djurgården to go the Vasa Museum and the Skansen Open Air Museum. The ride is almost as interesting as the museums.

....Approaching Stockholm....Stockholm inner harbor.

....Changing the guard ceremony....Downtown Skeppsholmen, Gamla Stan.