Watson Lake to Stewart

After a good breakfast at the Bear Paw Inn we donned our somewhat tattered gear and left for the 237 mile ride to Stewart. It had rained again that night and the gravel was still soggy so we continued to grind along about 25 mph.. We got to Bell ll Crossing about noon, gassed up and had lunch. In another 40 miles or so we were finally back on reasonably good pavement. We found a guy with a steam cleaner in Meziadin Junction and got most of the mud off before heading over to Stewart. We got there about 5 pm.

There was a report that a couple of young grizzly bears were feeding on trout a few miles down the river past Hyder but Betty was not interested in going there. Something about being around bears on a bike insread of in a car or truck I guess. She said if she wanted to see a bear she would go to the zoo.

....The Salmon Glacier near Stewart.... The unpretentious town of Stewart..