St Petersburg. (Time change, we lose an hour in Russia and gain it back in Tallinn.)

There was so much to see in St Petersburg in such a short time. Betty & I and two other couples used DenRus as our private tour company. They supplied our visas and got us in everywhere without standing in the long lines. Elena, our guide, knew her Russian history very well. She also knew every detail about everything we saw including the names of all the people in the paintings, the dates they lived and even who the artist was. The opulence of the museums and palaces contrasted sharply with the drab rundown buildings on the outskirts of town. The average citizen lives in sparten, somewhat depressing circumstances. Elena told us that 5 to 7 people live together in 3 or 4 room flats. In some cases they are not even related. The divorce and suicide rates are very high there.

....Some side streets coming in from the pier.

....Catherine's Palace at Pushkin.


....The theater in the Ussupov Palace....Wax figure of Grigory Rasputin

....The Church of the Spilt Blood....Saint Isqaac's Cathredrale.

Here is a great link to Peterhof.