The Ferry to Skagway

Our original plan was to ride from our place in Lake County California to Port Hardy on the tip of Vancouver Island, take a BC Ferry from there to Prince Rupert BC and an Alaska Ferry from there to Skagway. We made our reservations on the ferries and later, when there was a dispute over Salmon fishing in Prince Rupert, they allowed us to go all the way from Bellingham Washington for the same price.

We chose the option of going through Sitka which took a little longer but didnít cost any extra. It had rained the night before we got on the ferry and the metal ramp was slippery. For some reason I had assumed the ferry would have tie downs for the bike. Not so. I managed to find a couple of ropes in a barrel that did the job.

....Tied down as best we could....We see a whale from the deck.

Since we would be on the ferry over 2 nights we paid a little extra for a small cabin with 2 bunks and a great window. We scrounged up a couple of chairs and ate most of our meals on the windowsill watching the scenery go by. We also met some nice people and had a couple of great parties around the capstan with them.

....Lunch on the windowsill in our cabin....A party around the capstan on the fantail.