Lake Buccaneer (LA4-200)

Bump Bump Splash

Bump bump splash is what Dick Bangham, President and CEO of Viking Freight System, & I named our Lake Buccaneer when we first bought it because that's the way most of our landings went while we were first learning to fly it. We even had a checking account in that name. We had to explain to the bank that we meant the seaplane would be bouncing, not the checks.
Aeronca Champ

Cherokee Lance

Navajo Chieftain

I got my private license in 1957 in an Aeronca Champ but what I really wanted to fly was a seaplane. It was August of 1980 before that dream finally came true. By that time I had a Commercial, Multi-Engine land rating and was flying Viking Freight System's 6 passenger Cherokee Lance and their two 10 passenger Navajo Chieftains. When the bank that was financing our airplanes mentioned thay had repossessed a Lake Buccaneer and would be willing to let it go cheap Dick and I jumped on it with both feet.

I love planes and boats of all kinds and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the flying I have done but an amphibian seaplane is the ultimate toy. They are not the most efficient plane in the air and they make a lousy boat, but what a combination! Want to hop over to Lost Island in the delta for lunch? Fifteen minutes and you're in another world. How about spending a night at our summer home on Clearlake? We could leave San Jose airport at 5 and taxi up on the beach in front of our house an hour later. It doesn't get any better than that!

The video below was taken by Scott Bishop, head of Safety & Training at Viking, with a hand held video camera while he was standing in a small boat. I'd say he did pretty good for those conditions! It starts out with 6060 Victor on the shore in front of our summer home on Clearlake and then shows me making a bunch of touch and goes. I think it was August of 1982. Click on the box with the 4 arrows in the lower right hand corner of the video to get a full screen picture then hit the Esc key to go back.