The Pictures

Tossa De Mar

We flew into Barcelona, spent one night there and then rented a car for the 75 mile drive to Tossa De Mar. Here are some pictures of the view from our hotel with the old fort in the background and some of the many great restaurants tucked away all over town.


Our first view of the Millennium at the ship terminal and Betty on our veranda overlooking Barcelona.


We anchored out at Villefranche. In the morning we took a taxi to Nice, rented a car and drove to the walled city of St Paul about 25 kilometers west of Villefranche. The picture ot the Millennium at anchor was taken the hills above the harbor.


Some shops along the way, us with the Arno river in the background and one of the many beaautiful statues we saw.


There are so many beautiful things to see in Rome, among them are the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Vatican.


Coming in to the Naples harbor, the incredibly beautiful Amalfi Coast and Pompeii are just a few of the things to see at this stop.


The town of Fira sits on top of a steep bluff, the only way to get there is by funicular or donkey. We went up by funicular.

And I do mean up. Later we had a beer with Albert & Sylvia in the little town of Oia with Fira and the ship in the background.


Athens was our least favorite of the ports. The Acropolis is spectacular, but the city itself is kind of a jumble and the air quality was not the best. Poiseidon's Temple, up the coast a few kilometers, was interesting and the air was much better.



Dubrovnik was a pleasant surprise. The new bridge near where the Millennium docked stands in sharp contrast to the old walled city. The damage caused by the war with Yugoslavia and the Serbs in 1991 has been almost completely repaired by the hard working citizens without US foreign aid.


The Millennium entered the Grand Canal mid day. Our cabin was on the starboard side so we could see all of Venice from our own veranda including St Marks Square. What a show!

A gondola ride is a must, we certainly enjoyed ours. Many of the buildings along the canals are old and dilapidated.. They are still very beautiful.

Claudio, on the left, from Rome Limousine and Marino, on the right, from Sorrento Tour, Pleasant Travel are both real gentlemen. They know and love their country and did a wonderful job of showing it to us. Both of them enjoy what they are doing and it shows.