We stayed at the Hilton Docklands Hotel Tuesday and Wednesday nights, May 3rd and 4th. This was our first visit to London. Betty and I flew into Heathrow in 2004 but we rented a car and drove straight to Dover for a couple of days before taking the car through the Chunnel to France. This time we were under the direct supervision of Albert & Sylvia who have been to London many times. They just about walked our legs off showing us the sights.

Taking the Tube and walking is for sure the best way to get around London. We took a cab from the airport to the Hilton because we had a lot of cruise luggage. It was 70 GBP, with tip that's about $140. We used Woodford Chauffeur Cars to get from London to Dover and from Dover back to our hotel at Heathrow. They were the most reasonably priced and they worked out fine.

....Our view at the Hilton Docklands.....Betty & Sylvia at Downing Street

...One of London's great pubs....A garden at Kensington Palace.