Helsinki...Thursday the 12th, from 9 am to 6 pm. (Time change, we lose an hour.)

The Constellation docked about 3 kilometers west of the city center and they provided free a shuttle to get us there and back. This site offers virtual tours of many of the points of interest nearby. The numbers in the brown circles on the map correspond with these panoramic views. They are; #1 Erottaja Street, #2 Esplanade Park, #4 The Botanical Garden, University of Helsinki, #5 Market Square, #6 Stockmannís Department Store, #12 The Presidential Palace, #15 Senate Square, and #18 Cathedral Tower.There was a great view of Senate Square from the tower. The rock Church is downtown about another 2 kilometers from there.

....The approach to Helsinki Harbor....Market Square from the water.

....Esplanade Park by Market Square....Alexander the 2nd in Senatte Square.