Through the Chunnel

Going through the Chunnel turned out to be a snap. The entrance is actually in Folkestone about 17 kilometers west of Dover. There were plenty of signs showing us how to get there. We drove up to a booth, showed them our passports, gave them one of the tickets Hertz had provided and followed a line of cars to the train.

Once we were on the train we drove through several cars until we were told to stop. We happened to be at the front of that car and shortly after we stopped the door in front of us closed. About ten minutes later the train started to move and we were on our way. We kept track of our progress through one of the small windows nearby.

It took a little over twenty minutes to go through the Chunnel and pop up in France. After a short wait we drove off the train and found our way to the Hertz office in Calais. They exchanged the car for a left hand drive and were on our way to Trier.

....We arrive at the entrance.....The line of cars getting on the train.

...Inside the railroad car....The door between cars closes.

....One of the small windows....We arrive in France.