Our Journey to Alia


We stayed at the Hotel Continental Barcelona, a great little hotel right on Las Ramblas. Our rooms had balconies overlooking the street where all the action is. And I do mean action, these people party all night! They didn't quit until 6 in the morning. Ron & Tami got there on Thursday and Betty & I arrived on Friday. We went to dinner Friday night at the Caņota restaurant near the Magic Fountains of Montjuic. We had a great dinner with a platter of salad for 4 with a side of anchovies and a side of sausage, sauteed vegetables for 4 and a platter of variouse meats for 4 that we cooked on a red hot steel plate right at the table. Unfortunately there was something special going on at the Magic Fountains so we didn't get to see them. This is the 3rd time Betty & I have been to Barcelona and we have yet to see these beautiful fountains.

..........John & Betty Glenn in Barcelona.......................Ron & Tami Sagona in Barcelona...........