When we got back to Barcelona we took a Swiss Air flight to Zurich. Walenstadt is about an hours drive from the Zurich airport. This is one of our all time favorite places in Europe.

The first time I was here was in 1983. I have been back many times since and nothing has ever changed. The general area is called Heidiland and you can easily imagine her and her grandfather living in the rugged Alps surrounding Lake Wallen. As always we stayed at the Hotel Seahof right on the lake. When we first started going there no one at the hotel spoke English. Now Josy's son, Marco, is there and he speaks it very well. Thanks to Marco they even provide wireless Internet for their guests.

....Our room at the Seahotel.....The view from our window.

...Looking up at our room.... From the other side of the lake.

....Up & over, the route to Quinten.....Looking back down on Walenstadt.

There is no road on the back side of the lake, the Alps come right down to the water. However there is a very small town called Quinten there that you can only get to by foot path or on a small ferry. One year Betty and I made the three hour walk way the heck and gone up the mountain and back down to Quinten. This time the 4 of us took the ferry both ways.

......The little ferry approaching Quinten.......................Us having a relaxing drink in Quinten......