Lake County to Bellingham

The Ferry to Skagway

Skagway to Watson Lake

Watson Lake to the Bear Paw Inn

The Bear Paw to Stewart

Stewart to Prince Rupert

The ferry to Port Hardy

Port Hardy to Victoria

The trip home.

Us and our '99 Harley in 2005.

Alaska September, 1997

Ready to go on our Shadow

Betty and I chose September for our Alaska trip hoping for moderate weather and no mosquitoes. The other reason to go late in the year is to allow plenty of time for the roads to be repaired from the winter damage. I had been there in September one other time and both the weather and roads were perfect. We weren’t quite so lucky on this trip.

We were gone a total of 16 days and all we had with us was what fit in 2 saddle bags and a T-bag on our 1986 Honda 1100 Shadow. We had to allow room in the saddle bags for our foul weather gear when we weren’t wearing it so that left about one cubic foot for everything else. Betty took 3 pair of pants, three shirts and three vests and managed to mix and match the whole trip so she never looked the same. Amazing how she can pack when she has to!

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